Thursday, June 20, 2013

How Jonathans critics will return Him To Aso Rock in 2015

Jonathans continued stay in Aso Rock beyond 2015 will be achieved by his critics and not by his strong leadership credentials, by the sentimental attitude of Nigerians not by his politics, by the opposition and not by PDP. That is my argument and you're welcome. Lets think through this together.

I have been accused of always seeing something good to say about the current Nigerian Leadership under Jonathan. i have been called a sychophant and I really am. What a way to launch my weblog you may say. You may consider that if I continue posting such content, I will lose visitors. In tandem with that you may even see me as a paid agent of the administration.You're right on all counts.

I know that bashing the president has become a habit of sorts. It is my considered opinion that to join the bandwagon of self acclaimed social critic would only mean playing to the gallery. It would only make me one of those crusaders for social justice. Interestingly as this blog evolves, you will find quite the opposite. That day will come.

In his last election, Jonathan used the power of social media to his advantage. He launched his facebook page, his friends on Facebook journal in which he published comments on his facebook page including the uncomplimentary ones. Infact that was where the tag of him being the worlds most criticized sitting president stuck. Honestly He isnt. Have you seen the negative things said about Barrack Obama. I nearlyconvulsed when I read some of them. Jacob Zuma of South Africa, former Nicola Sarkozy of France have all been harshly criticized. What Jonathan has done however that is interesting to this blogger is that he has played with our perceptions and has created an illusion of a massive Anti-Jonathan sentiment. There is really no massive Anti- Jonathan sentiment like the man would have us believe.Its just that since you cannot control what people think you only try to influence what they believe. Jonathan has influenced all of us to believe that people just take pleasure in insulting him.

He has also influenced us to see him as a grassroots mobilizer. Remember his neighbour to neighbour cmpaign the last time. Volunteers actually went door to door. I almost became a volunteer. Lol. Thats how much his ability to influence perceptions has hit home.He has started again this time with his Become A GEJite campaign. Again I was tempted to join. Thank God I didnt join the last time and I wont join this time. But very soon you will see T-shirts, stickers, Mugsall bearing I AM A GEJite.It is subliminal advertising. The more you read such messages you will begin to think YOU ARE A GEJite. LOL

Consider for instance, his "I had no shoes" speech. Even though his critics say he is a poor speechmaster, that speech goes down in history as one of the most memorable in Nigerian History only trumped in my own estimation by Ojukwu's Ahiara Declaration. That speech single handedly gave him that election. Again he played with our minds. LOL. You actually believe he had no shoes? LOL. Then you'd believe anything. Face it this man is good at playing with peoples minds and perceptions. Making us see water where none exists. That "I had no shoes" speech approximates Martin Luther's "I Have A Dream". Brilliant Politician isnt it.

We havent even gotten to where Jonathan Excels. He throws open the conversation and we mistake this for timidity. You actually think this man is timid?LOL. Its all politics. Its just the image he chose. Politicians choose images. Halle Selaise chose the image of a lion. Senator McCain chose the image of a Maverick... His own failed though. Obama chose the image of Change... Ask Republicans. He hasnt brought much change. Its good politics my dear to make people clamour for what you always wanted to do. While we were clamouring for a strong leader, a strong leader claiming that this president is weak. He hit us BOOM... Fuel Subsidy Removal. LOL. Did you still think he was a weak leader then? Of course I thought he was a dictator. But to cement his image of "weakling". He gave the "I Am Not a Goliath" speech. The man had always wanted to remove subsidy totally right from his "I Had No Shoes" days and by the way He will. The whole Jan 1st saga was well scripted.

To be Continued

Iroko Obasi ND

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