Saturday, June 29, 2013

The opposition thinks they can get POWER by reading the 48 laws of power. They forget that is a western book and may not apply to sentimental Africans. They follow the advice of the book - that to create a cult-like following, you must create an enemy. The book advices that if you castigate and demonize your enemy to high heavens, soon a bandwagon will follow you. They're not told by the books author, Robert Greene however, that this only works if the criticized responds to his critics venom for venom.

If the criticized however maintains a stoic silence and takes the entire criticisms in its stride even though it hurts, the basic sentimentalism of Africans will kick in at a point and a critical mass of sympathizers will identify with the unjustly maligned.

Great political figures understand this. Apostle Paul understood this hence he said ... When reviled we bless, being persecuted we suffer it, being defamed we intreat: we are made as the offscouring of this world, and are the offscouring of all things till today.

I fear that the self acclaimed revolutionaries and radicals do not understand this but Jonathan Ebele Goodluck Azikiwe does. And that is how his greatest critics will usher him into Aso Rock beyond 2015... The man will ride on the wings of criticisms into the annals of legends.

Believe it or not. It is written.

Iroko Obasi ND

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