Monday, June 24, 2013

How Jonathans Critics Will Keep Him In Aso Rock Beyond 2015 Part II

The January 1st saga was well scripted. The fuel subsidy probe that followed was a part of this script. Nothing major was ever going to come out of that probe. It was all politics. The perception that the rot in the petroleum sector was being cleaned up had to be created. The opposition however got caught up in the frenzy and the human attention span being very short, we all soon forgot. By that probe however, the administration threw open a whole can of worms and we were all disgusted at the elaborate scam that subsidy had become. I dont know about you but the sleaze nauseated me. Then as predicted by his strategists, Nigerians themcelves started clamouring for total subsidy removal. Check the pulse of Nigerians. Ask 10 people, about 6 want full subsidy removal. Brilliant politics you would say. LOL. Jonathan doesnt ever foreclose the conversation. He throws it open and guides it towards his desired aim. Eventually people will clamour for Him to do what he had always wanted to do.

Take the Boko Haram issue for instance. Jonathan had always wanted to declare a state of emergency whether it was the best option or not. He only threw open the conversation. Oposition elements rejected the state of emergency. They rejected Military option. They insisted on dialogue. I was even convinced at a point that dialogue was best. Jonathan agreed with them. No state of emergency. No military option. He opted for dialogue and the conversation began. Before long, killings sky rocketed, the Emir of Kano was targeted, the Shehu of Bornu also. Then the same Nigerians who called for Dialogue asked for State of Emergency! LOL. Jonathan must have a good laugh with his strategists when they consider these things.

A good politician as Jonathan seems to be, (maybe he's not such a good leader), always goes into the mind of the opposition. He knows what the opposition wants. What does the opposition really want? POWER. Make no mistake about it. They dont want your prosperity. They want power. Check Edo State for instance. Gov. Oshiomhole has done well for the Edo people hasn't he? LOL. Of course he has. By constructing roads and schools then through the back door banning commercial bikes? The opposition think they can get power by reading 48 laws of power. LOL. They are blindly applying the rules of that book fortgeting that it is a western book. The book says that to create a cult like following, you must create an enemy. If you castigate and demonize your enemy long enough and hard enough, a band wagon of people will soon follow suit. Very funny. This only works if your enemy fights back.

To Be Continued

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