Thursday, September 12, 2013


Thanks for following this blog since June 20. In a few days we shall be 3 months old. Friends like you are the reason this blog has garnered 1300 views thus far. Even though this is a platform for political ideology. I often delve into two other passions - faith and music.

Music is like a photograph. It etches itself deeply into your subconscious in ways that you don't immediately recognize. Ever caught yourself humming a tune out of nowhere? Yes. That's the music stored in your subconscious suddenly popping out!

Just like a well taken photograph good music evokes memories. For instance I remember clearly the first day I heard Phil Collins 'think twice' I was 11 then and I was on my way to have a haircut in one of the barbing salons at Uwasota junction in Benin. That song remains my greatest song of all time for the sheer memories it evokes.

Rap Music is the most endangered genre of music. People like Kanye West insist that rap is dead and they're hip hop's messiah. Infact Jay - Z is the Self Acclaimed jeHOVAh of rap. The alpha and omega of hip hop. Well, you may not be such a fanatic follower of Jay and West but take time to listen to their best works. You will find that they make music that President Obama can listen to like 'No church in the wild' 'Nigger's in paris' and they make music that only thugs can relate with like Hova's 'Fuck With Me you Know I got it'

There's a new rap star in the skies. His name is Duno. His pun is impeccable. Just listen to 'Define Sex'. He brings something intellectual to the rap game. You can quote this guy. His lyrics can make news. The concepts he sings about can stir you at a deep level. He's the prince of Nigerian rap. The Edo born has this to say ... Here are your Office Dating commandments.

Born Osaheni Akpata in Benin City, Duno's fusion of hip hop, rock and soul is fresh air.
This track is definitely going to stay in your subconscious for life. Its like a well taken Photograph. Duno was born for this.

For the videos and audio of his new track visit:

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Iroko Obasi ND

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